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Woo 1.11 (finally)

Banjo565 posted Jan 3, 17

So we are finally 1.11. Took us a while to update because some plugin developers did not update their plugin until recently. I tried updating before this happened and it ended in disaster. We are 1.11 now so all is good! Thank you for your patience. We will be implementing another world soon that players can warp to to find some of the new things they added to the update. There won't be a map reset so don't worry about that. Also, I will be opening a thread for players to post problems they are experiencing in-game due to the update. I expect there to be a few. Thank you! smile


Happy Holidays! 2016

Kresteen posted Dec 25, 16

Happy holiday transparent clipart

Hope you all have a great and wonderful Holiday! May you all be safe, and merry!

From everyone at Sundered Society <3

2016 Black Friday Sale is CLOSED!

The Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale is now over! Until next time everyone! Thank you!

Starting Friday the 25th till Monday the 28th, everything in the voting shop AND Donator shop will be 25% off in the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get your Black Friday and Cyber Monday freak on!

PLEASE NOTE!! If you are a existing donor looking to upgrade, please contact Kresteen first before donating for any rank! Thank you!

*Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!*

Hope you all have a wonderful, and delicious, holiday! Be safe!


The Staff~<3

Server Migration

Banjo565 posted Nov 13, 16

The server is back up!

Thank you for your patience <3

- Kresteen and Banjo

Kresteen Thank you so much everyone for your cooperation! Please let us know if anything seems wonky! Love yall!
Famileh I just notice that it said something about the vanilla server. So I just been on the forums doing absolutely nothing. Ri...
squidtactic man server files taking much longer then thought.
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